More Range Nissan Leaf Plus

The newest generation of the Nissan Leaf debuted in 2018 as a car that increased the technology to give us an electric car that has more equipment and is now closer to becoming an autonomous vehicle than any other in the past. The promise made, when this version arrived, was that we would see a new model that would have more driving range than this base model and now that version is here. With the Nissan Leaf Plus, you now have a Leaf that gives you more range and better features in your daily driver.

A Bit of a Different Look for this Leaf

When you look at the outside of the Nissan Leaf, you’re going to notice a few differing design cues offered for the Leaf Plus. The Plus badge is on the rear deck lid, on the plug ports, and the lower trim in the front of the car is now painted blue to match the rear. Inside, the Leaf Plus gives you an eight-inch infotainment screen to support the NissanConnect services you want along with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to offer you the connectivity you’re looking for.

Excellent Power and Range in the Leaf Plus

This new Nissan is offered with an upgraded 62 kWh battery pack that’s attached to the electric motors. This is an improvement over the standard 40 kWh battery pack in the normal Leaf. The standard model gives you 150 miles of range on a full charge while the Leaf Plus is able to give you 226 miles of range to make it easier for you to go farther on the road. The power is up from 147 horsepower to 214 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. of torque for the new Leaf Plus that you want to drive.

A Cabin that’s Roomier than You Think in the Leaf Plus

Getting in and out of the new Nissan Leaf Plus is easy for you and you’ll be pleased with the ample room you have up front. Taller passengers can feel comfortable in the rear, although legroom is a bit smaller than it is in the front seats. This little car also gives you 30 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded down to make sure you can have the ability to carry what you need to with you when you head out on the road.

A Great Driving Experience for You

The acceleration of the new Leaf Plus is quick and ready for you so that you can get off the line right away and have a great drive. The Nissan ePedal system is offered on the Leaf Plus to make it possible for you to drive with one foot and never have to use the brake pedal. This maximizes the power that’s sent back to the batteries while also making it possible for you to save your brakes for when you truly need them to stop the car for you.

You Can Save More When Driving the Leaf Plus

With this vehicle, you can have the driving range you want, the benefits of the ProPILOT system, and enjoy the discounted specials that are often offered. This is a car that was released in the Spring of 2019 and has a full package of the items you want to enjoy on the road. Let the new Leaf Plus check off all the boxes for you so that you can enjoy the quiet drive of this impressive car.

Is the Nissan Leaf Plus Right for You?

The Nissan Leaf Plus gives you more power, more range, and more of the features you want. This car is active and enticing for you to have the drive you’re looking for. Enjoy the functionality of the interior and the amazing safety technology that makes it easy for you to trust this car when you head out on the roads. Even if you have a long daily commute, the Nissan Leaf Plus stands out from other electric vehicles and provides a range you can count on.

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