Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline was created to not only be different than other midsize pickups; it was made to be better, as well.
We can admire the build and the qualities that a pickup truck offers when we choose one to drive on the roads in our area, but if you’re looking at the midsize level, you’re likely looking for something different. While these trucks have the ability to haul and carry items, typically, you choose a midsize model for the driving dynamics offered, the fuel efficiency you can enjoy, and the daily use you want to enjoy. The Honda Ridgeline can be the right truck in this class for you as the only unibody model offered that might make the drive you want on the road.

As a model that showed up on the market once again last year, the current version of the Ridgeline looks more like a typical truck but it’s built with FWD capabilities and the easy drive you want. You’ll feel more like you’re driving an SUV when you choose this truck on the roads in your area. When you need it to perform for you, the Ridgeline offers you 1,500 pounds of payload capacity and 5,000 pounds of towing ability. If you choose the model with AWD, you’ll have the benefit of even more capability on the road when you drive.
There are new colors offered for the Sport model offered for the 2018 model year version of the Honda Ridgeline, but otherwise, this truck continues to march on with few changes to it. You can enjoy the smooth drive, the quality build of the cabin, and the fuel mileage you’ll enjoy that simply can’t be matched by a truck that’s built the way most trucks are. If the performance numbers of the Ridgeline are plenty for you to have what you need, this is a truck you’re sure to want to drive.

An Amazing Bed

The team at Honda chose to make sure you knew the bed of this truck was made to do more than just carry stuff. There is an area under the bed that you can access and turn into an in-bed cooler with its drainage system or use as a place for wet and dirty clothes. The tailgate can either flip down or swing open and there’s an in-bed audio system and two-prong AC outlet for you to have the tailgate party you want with a truck that has everything you need to enjoy the music, the cold drinks, and bring the gear that you’ll love to the party.
There’s a different pickup truck on the market today than what you normally see when you choose a truck for the drive. The Honda Ridgeline offers you the drive you want and the capability to handle the load when you need to have a truck to get some stuff done, but not everything. Make your way to your nearby Honda dealer and take a look at the variety of Ridgeline models offered that you can choose from to have the drive you’re looking for on the roads in your area.

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