With the advancements made in automotive technology that brings us so many new features we now see several new lights on the dashboard that signify something in the form of a warning or let you know you have a system that is on.  What do all these things mean to you, what systems are working and which ones are not working?

These signals are meant to allow you to know what you will need to know when it comes to what the car is doing.  Rather than get your owners manual out to check and see what the light means here is a list of the new technology lights and what they mean to help you decipher the information your car is attempting to communicate to you.

These lights indicate your all-wheel drive or 4×4 system is on and operating.  If the light stays on while the system is turned off this can indicate the system is malfunctioning and the vehicle should be brought in for service.

When the ABS system engages this light will come and you will certainly feel a difference in the vehicle as well as this system helps you to stop the car smoothly.  If the light flashes there may be a problem with this system and it should be brought in to be checked.

This may be a pair of lights that confuse you a bit, but if your car has adaptive cruise control aboard you will see these lights.  When you turn on the adaptive cruise control you can adjust it to what distance you want the vehicle to remain from the vehicle in front of you.

This is a system that can really seem strange.  The photo looks like a vehicle that is going to take off but it’s actually a signal that your height-adjustable suspension is engaged and working.  If this light continues to remain on there may be a problem with your suspension that needs to be looked at by a mechanic.

This light indicates your self-leveling headlights or HID headlights are working and the lights are on.  These lights are made to improve your nighttime visibility and give you the ability to have a view around a corner that shows you want is coming up on the road.

This light lets you know the low beam headlights are on and could be either a green, yellow or red light.  Blue is the color reserved for the high beams.  These lights are useful in foggy situations where higher lights would not improve visibility.

This is one you should be familiar with as it is the indicator for your high beam headlights.  Because we have gotten used to this light indicator showing up in bright blue that has become the universal color for the high beams and is always used to signify they are on.

When your car is equipped with automatic high beam headlights this is the indicator you will see when the system is on.  This helps you by detecting and automatically adjusting for you, taking away the need to adjust the lights on the car yourself.

The first one is for the front fog lights and the second is for rear fog lights.  This lets you know these lights are on which gives you an added degree of visibility to other vehicles and when it’s foggy out these lights are positioned to help you see what you need to.

This is now a common sight in most cars and indicates an airbag warning.  This light is expected to come on along with many others when your car is started as the vehicle tests the airbags to make sure they are still connected and will respond.

This is the attention assistance light for Mercedes-Benz and as appropriate as it is, this system is meant to help you stay alert and detect when you are driving drowsy and need to become much more alert.

With a few lights you may not have noticed, or have not illuminated in your car you may have a better idea now of what some of the systems are and what the indicator lights are that will show up when you either use the system or it becomes faulty.  Of course, there are much more and when you buy a vehicle that is new to you it’s a good idea to learn what all the lights are so you have an idea of what the vehicle is trying to communicate.


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