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Google recently tested out a variation of their ranking algorithm that didn’t include links. This sent the SEO world into a frenzy as link-building has been a valuable tool for improving rankings for years. The test proved that the results without using link signals didn’t work, so there was a collective sigh.

Here’s the important takeaway. While links are still powerful and are likely growing in value (at least for high quality links), it brings up a need for search engine optimization professionals and SEO firms to take a closer look at what they’re really doing. Link-earning has been a powerful component of our strategy for a while and it should be used by others at well. At the end of the day, a link that is earned based upon the quality of content on a website are the most powerful possible signals available today.

Content may be king, but it’s not something that works by itself. There must be some other factors, including links and social signals, that can point the search engines in the right direction. Here, Rand Fishkin from MOZ breaks it down in his most recent Whiteboard Friday.

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