If you own a Jeep Wrangler you’re already in a type of cult, even if you didn’t know it. That is the cult of awesome off-road power and capability put into one of the most impressive and longest running models on the market today. The Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle with more car clubs around the nation and the one model that car clubs meet and take their show on the road to show off on the hills, the trials, in the dirt and over the rocks. This is the SUV that more people want to drive and that more do drive for the purpose of having a vehicle that can do it all.

For the 2018 model year there are expected to be many changes to this SUV that will give the Wrangler a modern look, but still, keep much of its classic appearance that we’ve loved for so many years. While Jeep has tried to keep some things under wraps, they have given us a few tidbits at a time to make sure we have something we know we want to look forward to as the vehicle becomes a reality on the market in a few months.

Recently we were given a rendering of what the new JL version of the Wrangler will look like and it showed us new and more aerodynamic bodywork that still kept the familiar design cues we want to enjoy on this SUV. This also gave us a look at what the new Wrangler without a removable top could be which is a rumor that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. For those who love the open air feeling if the Wrangler with the top off, this is a key feature that we hope isn’t deleted from the lineup for the JL model of the SUV.

Some of the changes that have been seen in some of the other renderings and on the test track include items such as a pair of lights in the front fenders. The taillights may use the same design that’s used on the Jeep Renegade. Another change that we expect to see include a truck-based Wrangler which will finally give us a truck bed on the most active SUV on the trails. The new Jeep is expected to be lighter with the use of lightweight materials that make a huge difference in putting this SUV on the market with the upgrades.

When the new JL model is made into a pickup truck, the wheelbase will be a bit longer. That aspect alone has given the Jeep engineers a bit of added work because this new truck-based version needs to be able to continue to provide the right formula for performance as the rest of the Jeep lineup. This means the truck has the have the ability to crawl over rocks and handle logs the same way the two-door Wrangler has done in the past. Other than that challenge, the new Wrangler appears to be right on schedule to be released next year.

Other rumors include the use of a hybrid powertrain, but that might just be what the Jeep engineering team is doing with some of their downtimes. A new model that’s s plug-in hybrid could be pretty cool, but might not be ready for 2018. We certainly are ready for this new SUV to be part of our 2018 model lineup and give us the performance and precision we want on the market from the Jeep that we have known and loved for so many years. Bring on the new Wrangler, we’re ready.



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