The short answer is, “yes.” The long answer is just as simple. People are going to love this car barring something insane happening. That insanity would be that Honda messes up something big time such as marring it with recalls or a strangely weak engine. Neither is likely to happen.

There’s a good reason that the new 2016 Civic is going to be a huge seller. It looks great! For many years now, Honda has had a hard time making the Civic beautiful. It has always been reliable and safe, but those traits alone have not helped the Civic maintain its lead in the compact segment. Most cars are becoming reliable and safe, but many of them are better looking than the current Civic. This time, Honda is putting out arguably the best looking car they have in their lineup.

According to Automotive Social:

The Honda designers in Los Angeles have come up with a Civic concept that is expected to take the world by storm and be the most stylish model of Civic to date as well as give the world a car that everyone can enjoy. Being launched as a global platform, the new Honda Civic will show up in sedan form in the fall and then be followed by the Coupe and five-door Hatchback. The Si and Type-R models will also make their way to American soil at some time in the near future, making this one of the few cars that is offered the same worldwide.

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