Although it shouldn’t matter to you that certain celebrities are the top search results, it might interest you in reviewing Google’s top search trends.

The top online searches help us understand what people are looking for. Thankfully, this annual report from Google is broken into several categories, with several that we haven’t seen in previous years. If you’ve been looking for some better ways to build your content and engage with a larger audience, this list could be a great place to begin, making it easy to get started building a new content strategy.

Review the List or New Target Keywords

As a car dealership, your keywords and the subject matter of your content most likely don’t change too much from one year to the next. That said, building some new content could revolve around added services and programs offered at your location. Does your dealership sponsor a youth sports league? Parents in your area might be searching for activities for their children during school breaks. If you build some content to showcase the sports league or an activity center nearby, your name will become part of this conversation as a company that provides this opportunity.

How Relevant is the Search Term Now?

We often have a strong recency bias with a huge focus on what’s happening right now. If you notice a lot of the top results on Google’s Top Search Trends focused on events that took place earlier in the year, you might want to scroll down the list and see if anything is relevant to your business. One of the top recent trends was where people could go to vote. If you have a local page on your website with community events, you should have posted some content to aid community members in finding the right place to vote. As we move into the new year, what services will your local area need most?

How To Searches are Huge

Has your car dealership posted a “how to” video series with some car care and maintenance tips? If not, this is something that should be part of your content strategy going forward. Online users look not only for the directions of “how to” but also for a demonstration, which is where your video series comes in. Of course, most of your “how to” videos can revolve around basic car care, but you can offer other videos with lots of tips in them. Ask your team about their hobbies and let them proudly show your audience how to enjoy some of the activities your team participates in during their free time.

Local Search is Necessary for Your Business

Just because a particular car model is part of Google’s Top Search Trends doesn’t mean it’s popular in your local area. This is where the “near me” aspect of search terms comes in and can help you narrow down some of the localized keywords you’ll need in your content. All makes and models offered at your dealership should also receive a localized aspect to the search term. This is accomplished by adding “near me” or the city and state to the keyword.

Stretch Out Those Longtail Keywords

Users put a natural voice to work when searching for anything, including where to have their car serviced. Some of the top search terms are simple, short, and the most popular names in the industry. If you want local shoppers to find the services provided at your dealership, you’ll want to stretch out the longtail keywords. This can be done by putting the vehicle, service desired, and location together. A search term such as “Honda Civic oil change in Dallas, TX” will bring more specific results than separating the three aspects of this longtail keyword. These more specific terms can be extremely helpful when supporting your local advertising campaigns.

Use This Google List to Think Forward

What’s fresh, new, advanced, and modern in the automotive market? Answering this question can help you develop new keywords that work great in your new content. Will your dealership sell electric vehicles in the next several months? Are you offering a specialized new service? What new technology is found in the models you sell? These are all topics that can keep your dealership’s website at the front of the pack when you build content around new ideas.

What’s Hot in Your Industry?

Just because you think one or two of your models are the top vehicles customers want to buy doesn’t mean that’s what they’re searching for. Using Google’s Top Search Trends list, you can learn what shoppers want to drive. Even if models sold at your location aren’t on the top of the list, when you think about the type of vehicle, you could find some great search terms to use in your content. Are models you sell some of the “top-rated three-row SUVs” in the market? This could be a useful supporting keyword for the models you’ve got on your lot.

Trends Don’t Always Last

Trending search terms are a good place to begin to build a new keyword list for some fresh content, but you don’t want to rely only on trends. Trends change and shift with events and the environment. You won’t find many people looking for the best car care tips for winter during the summer or what some of the best road trips cars to drive are when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Trends change, but your foundational search terms should continue to be the general focus of your new content.

Use Google Trends to Help You Build a Relevant Current Keyword Bank

Goggle’s Top Search Trends list is a good place to begin to see what was searched for the most over the past year, but it’s not where you’ll find everything you need. Use your foundational topics, add the results from Google Trends, and build out the keywords and topics that can garner the best results. If you keep your content relevant and timely, you’ll see more visitors to your pages. This ensures your dealer is one of the first places shoppers think of when they want to buy a vehicle or take their current ride for service.

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