While the Ford trucks are certainly the most popular and sold more than any other trucks on the market, Ford is creating a new cornerstone in the automotive world to make sure you can have the drive you want to enjoy on the road. There are great options in the Ford SUV models offered at your local Ford dealer to give you the quality drive and experience you want when you get behind the wheel. Ford has six different SUVs to make sure you can have the one you want with the capability and versatility that’s right for you.

The Great Options from Ford SUVs


Ford EcoSport – Great Options in These Models

The smallest of the Ford SUV models that you’ll find is the EcoSport. This compact SUV can offer you the roominess you need and a comfortable drive for five people to ride together. This SUV brings you a drive that’s similar to what you find in cars and sedans to make sure you have a familiar feeling when you get behind the wheel. Ask the team at your local Ford dealer what you can do to make this SUV the right one to take home and enjoy today. You’ll be amazed at the difference the EcoSport can make.

Ford Escape

If you want your SUV to be an escape from the daily drive and the life that you have in the city, the Ford Escape can become the right model for you to have a great drive on the road. This SUV has been upgraded to give you a sliding second row of seats that offers you more room for passengers or cargo when you take a drive. You’ll be pleased to see what the Escape has to offer as a compact crossover SUV that you find at your nearby Ford dealer.

Ford Edge – Great Options in the Midsize Sector

Moving to the midsize crossover SUV market, you’ll find an SUV that brings you the comfort and quality you want when you take a drive. The Ford Edge is big enough to offer you three rows of seats, but it only has two rows to make sure you have the cargo area and passenger space you want. The people you take with you will love the feeling of the Edge model that you brought home from your local Ford dealer to be the SUV that you experience and drive every day. Admire the quality of this SUV and let it be the right one for you to drive.

Ford Explorer

One of the most popular SUVs you’ll find is the Ford Explorer. This big brute is ready to give you the quality ride that you want to experience when you take this SUV out for a ride. Let the team at your nearby Ford dealer show you why this SUV is the one that you want to enjoy when you’re looking for a great drive on the roads and out on the trails in your area. Feel the comfort and enjoy the ride that comes with this impressive SUV.

Ford Flex

The Ford Flex might not be offered in future model years, but for now, it’s still a viable SUV that has a distinct build and feeling for you to enjoy. The Ford Flex is a large three-row SUV that sits lower to the ground when compared to other SUV models. This SUV has lots of room, makes it easy for you to have the drive you want, and can be perfect for you to experience the comfort and feel you want when you see the team at your local Ford dealer. Ask about the Flex and the savings you can take advantage of in this SUV.

Ford Expedition – Great Options in a Full-Size SUV

The largest SUV in the Ford lineup is still the Expedition. This SUV continues to offer the power you want which is comparable to a V8 even though the engine is a V6. You’ll be amazed by the large size and amazing cargo area offered in the Expedition that you want to take home and drive today. Ask the team at your nearby Ford dealer about the different trims, the packages of features, and the power that you’ll be able to enjoy in this full-size SUV that will be perfect for you to have the drive you’re looking for.



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