Getting Down to the Child Level

When you’ve got a family vehicle to sell and you want to reach and educate more of those who will ride inside the vehicle, how do you accomplish your goal? As the first hybrid minivan on the market, this is the challenge Chrysler faces with the new hybrid version of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Not only is this new vehicle one of the most advanced minivans to ever make its way to the market but this impressive model is one that you might find yourself wondering which type of refueling station you should go to.

The Partnership in Education

Over several years, and for many of us who grew up with them, a few generations, Sesame Street has been a show filled with recognizable and lovable characters that have done a fantastic job of teaching us about the world. Whether they are educating young children with their numbers and letters or showing kids how to be good friends, neighbors and to care for others, this is a show that has been able to stand the test of time. This show with the highly recognized characters is the perfect choice to help us learn more about the newest family vehicle to make its way to the market.

Add to the characters from Sesame Street an actor that plays some goofy characters and is a family man and you have a pairing that’s just perfect for the fun of learning about a new vehicle. The family man chosen is none other than Dax Shepard who is not only a father and a lovable actor, but he’s also a car guy who has worked and loved cars for many years. This makes for a pair that certainly can tell us more about what the new Pacifica is and how it can be the right choice for any family.

The Main Characters and the Roles They Play

Check out the video below and see a signature argument take place between the two different personalities of the Two-Headed Monster. We’ve seen these two heads that are part of one monster disagree for many years only to have the voice of reason step in and help them understand how they can both be right or wrong. In this case, Dax and Big Bird help to show the monster they can choose to fill up with gasoline or electricity because the Pacifica they are driving is a hybrid model.

This video is just one of ten spots that will help to educate the world regarding the new Pacifica, and your local Chrysler Dealer is stepping in line with this fun and family-friendly manner of educating the public. With these characters inside the Pacifica, children of all ages can learn a little more about the new Pacifica and the fact that it’s the first hybrid minivan on the market. With 33 miles of EV driving, the Pacifica is changing the minivan market we’ve become accustomed to. Sesame Street and Dax Shepard are there to help educate us further about the Pacifica so that we can learn more about what this impressive new minivan has to offer us to be the right family hauler on the road.


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