The new electric version of the Dodge Charger might be confusing. This new EV is packed with power and fun but also features that seem a bit unnecessary.

Why does the new Charger sound like a traditional muscle car? This electrified Dodge pumps out the sounds that remind you of the former V8-powered version. The idea behind pumping in fake noises is to create the muscle car feel, including the noises, to make this new car look, feel, and sound like a traditional Charger. There may be other areas of this car that are a bit unnecessary as well.

When is the new electrified Charger expected?

The electric Charger debuted in 2022 and should be in production sometime in 2024. The Dodge EV uses an amazing 800-volt “Banshee” power system, which should make it faster than the Hellcat engine of the previous gas-powered generation. This means the new electrified Charger could take on other performance EVs and might lead the pack when the race is over.

An unnecessary exhaust sound

If you didn’t know this new Dodge Charger was an EV model, it might surprise you to learn it could be completely silent. The new Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust sound hits an impressive 126 decibels, making it sound loud and proud. This pumped-in sound makes the new Dodge EV sound like it’s ready to take on traditional muscle cars, but this new version is powered entirely by electricity.

The sounds coming from this car are generated using airflow, giving the car a much more natural sound and feel. Although this sound is completely unnecessary, it’s something that many muscle car enthusiasts want to hear and can enjoy when driving this new Dodge. Of course, as expected of any EV, this new Charger also has a silent mode, giving new owners a quiet way to enjoy the drive during their commute.

Could this new Dodge fall in line with other EVs?

The new electric Dodge Charger should include the benefits of AWD and regenerative braking. Some car enthusiasts might scoff at the idea of a Dodge muscle car sending power to all four wheels, but the previous gas-powered lineup includes versions with AWD. Nearly all EVs include regenerative braking, and this new Dodge must as well.

The new Charger won’t fall in line with other EVs in terms of style. Dodge intends to stick to their traditional styling language and build electric vehicles with the look we love and admire from Dodge instead of falling in line with the rest of the EV world. This will make Dodge continue to stand out as an outsider and black sheep in the automotive world.

How much power will this new Charger offer?

As Dodge transitions from gas-powered muscle cars to this new electrified world, expect a wide range of impressive models. Initially, the entry-level Charger 340 should produce 455 horsepower from a 400-volt electric system. The Charger 440 model is the mid-range version, and it should deliver 590 horsepower. Both of these electric Dodge muscle cars include over-the-air upgrades through the Dodge Direct Connection.

The Banshee model will use the 800-volt architecture when this new car is released. We don’t have the horsepower figures for this model yet, but it should have two motors and an incredible power figure. The most important question for some new Dodge EV owners will be whether or not this car can beat the Plaid trims from Tesla.

Will driving range be an issue?

We can talk about driving fun and horsepower all day, but if this new Charger can’t handle the daily grind of a regular commute, it might not be as useful as we would like. The new Charger EV will ride on the STLA Large platform, which could provide this new car with as much as 500 miles of driving range depending on the battery chosen and trim level. This wouldn’t make it the longest-range EV in the market, but it would put the Charger ahead of almost all other cars in terms of driving range.

You might not miss the V8 engine

The Dodge Charger is a traditional muscle car with plenty of power and performance features. This car straddles the line between a useful family sedan and a screaming muscle car, making it one of the most versatile cars in the market. Now, it’s going electric, and from what we’ve seen so far, this car seems to be on the right track and ready to deliver the goods when it comes to power, performance, driving range, and Dodge personality.

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