The new ID. CODE is still in development and will only be available at Volkswagen dealers in China when released, but it’s still garnering attention worldwide.

Meet the ID. CODE

The electrically powered ID. CODE is more than just another EV SUV. With new technology standards and design language geared toward customers’ needs heading to the Chinese Volkswagen dealer showrooms, it will offer a unique, enriching way to travel.

Integrating the Real and the Virtual

The Volkswagen ID. CODE provides a unique AI experience for drivers and passengers alike. It can be driven autonomously at Level 4 or under human control, integrating the real and the virtual for a unique travel experience.

Level 4 integration is a complete autopilot function. To allow AI to take full control of the ID. CODE safely, Volkswagen built in the most advanced sensors, lights, cameras, and screens available for comprehensive communication with the SUV’s surroundings.

To power all those systems, the ID. CODE goes beyond the standard lithium-ion battery. While the EV SUV will hit the Volkswagen dealer ready to accept a full charge, it also features a photovoltaic system built into the vehicle’s transparent “energy roof.”

Volkswagen’s ID. CODE concept car isn’t just a vehicle but also a digital avatar. It reacts to other drivers and provides owners with information and feedback. Designers equipped it with 3D eyes to interact with other road users through the horizontal front and rear tail light bars.

The external Light Cloud intelligent lighting system and LED screen become active whenever authorized users approach. The SUV’s AI system then starts a welcome scenario to provide drivers and passengers with current weather.

Sleek Style for the Modern World

The Volkswagen ID. CODE features a sleek, stylish exterior more reminiscent of a Gran Turismo than a typical SUV. With clear, fluid surfaces, it also acts as a 3D projection screen for AI-powered lighting and display systems.

The ID. CODE reinterprets the Volkswagen brand for the modern age. The “D-pillars” found in the concept car give a new interpretation of the iconic C-pillars found in the first Golf, and the clean-cut shapes use the same golden ratio as other VWs to create a friendly appearance.

What’s lovely about this unique, interactive SUV’s style is that it’s a vital part of the AI’s interaction systems with people inside and outside the vehicle’s walls. Newly-designed Smart Windows provide semi-transparent displays to allow the AI avatar to appear visually.

The ID. CODE is stylish both inside and out. It creates a swank interior space reminiscent of an upscale lounge. With background lighting, advanced air conditioning systems, and high-end sound, riders will feel like they are stepping into a private jet, not an EV SUV.

Most impressively, the steering wheel retracts into the cockpit when the Level 4 autonomous driving mode is engaged, allowing the driver to use the same 180-degree rotating front seat as the passenger for improved communication.

What to Expect at the Volkswagen Dealer

The futuristic ID. CODE is a concept car, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely out of contemporary drivers’ reach. Volkswagen plans to release a new ID family of EVs based on the ID. CODE concept by 2030. The sub-brand will hit Chinese Volkswagen dealer showrooms by 2027.

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