Corvette Detroit Auto Show

For those who could attend the Detroit Auto Show, the Chevrolet display was simply amazing. Featuring six transparent screens that were 20-feet in size each and filled with light and music along with a bevy of stories in the different sections, nine in all that showed off different features of Chevrolet, the displays were simply amazing. Offering a peak into their already industry leading package of features such as the in-vehicle Wi-Fi through the OnStar 4G LTE system along with the dependability and performance that we have come to know and love from Chevrolet, the section was abuzz with amazement and awe from those who were able to attend the show.

For those who could not make it to the show, Chevrolet offers a video to show off the awesome displays and soon to be revealed vehicles across their entire lineup. From a look at the new engines to a view into a few different cabins, Chevrolet showcases their award winning vehicles in an impressive fashion and offers an online video taken by a drone to show off this long time award winning lineup and help elicit the feeling of superior power and prowess offered by Chevrolet.

Looking through the various displays gives anyone the feeling of being at a show and may even have you looking for the concession stand to get a large drink and popcorn while you are amazed and entertained by the Chevrolet display. There is actually a movie within the display, by heading through Mainstreet which features the Corvette Z06, Trax and Colorado. The movie is a safety experience film that might be a winner with film critics, but would have been better as a video of the Corvette in action, or any of the other various models offered by Chevrolet.

Instead of being another run of the mill display, Chevrolet has put the show back in the Detroit Auto Show offering exciting and innovative displays and tours through the various models offered for the next model year. If this is any hint as to what is in store from Chevrolet for 2016, they will once again be a leader in innovation, dependability and performance for a mass of customers to fully enjoy on the car lots come later this year.

With a lineup for this year that stands out among the competition with some amazing style, a wide variety of choices and a brand name that has carried a massive amount of popularity for over 100 years, Chevrolet promises to give buyers exactly what they expect and need from their lineup of cars, trucks and vans. If you are looking to be entertained along with viewing some amazing vehicles that will soon be on the Chevrolet lots across the country look no further than the Detroit Auto Show, or any other auto show where Chevrolet will be featuring this display of vehicles this display alone proves to be well worth the price of admission to any show in the country.


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