You won’t find this Camaro at your local Chevrolet dealer anytime soon, but one man’s unique
Camaro camper definitely stands out. According to the owner of the Camaro camper, he
originally lived in a Sprinter van before switching to an SUV camper, and now he’s downsized to
the compact Camaro camper. Despite its small size, the Camaro camper does pretty well on

Compact Camper Coupe

When you think of a Chevrolet Camaro, you probably don’t think about what it would look like as
a converted camper. But one man has made it a reality. The Camaro camper includes a fully
operational kitchen, storage for cleaning products, a rechargeable water faucet, and an electric
ceramic cooker. However, the camper coupe is a bit too small for a refrigerator or a real toilet.
The owner compensates for these drawbacks by cooking simple and fast meals like ramen, and
he does have a one-gallon portable urinal. Obviously, the camper coupe doesn’t have
everything, so the owner enjoys a gym membership and can easily visit a grocery store to buy
fresh food.

The inside of the Camaro coupe camper is fully customized with magnetic LED bars and
Bluetooth speaker and clock combo. The seat functions as a living room and includes a secret
storage compartment.

Tiny But Functional Living Space

If you’re claustrophobic, you may not find the interior of this tiny camper very appealing, but
those who love small cozy spaces can relate. The bed is only six feet long and 30 inches wide,
which is just enough for the owner’s height and build. The bed is covered with a two-inch
mattress and a one-inch mattress topper and is made from ¾-inch maple plywood.

The Camaro camper also includes a solar power system that provides up to 1,000 watts of
electricity. The solar panels are mounted on the roof of the car. The car’s backrests have been
replaced with maple wood to provide support and storage at the same time.

Van life may not be for everyone, but it definitely appeals to those who want to keep moving and
take their home with them. This Camaro camper is proof that you don’t need a huge motorhome
to enjoy a van life.

Van Life Is Still Popular

The Camaro camper might be one of the more extreme versions of compact van life, but there
are plenty of others with similar ideas. For example, the guy with the 1989 Suzuki Super Carry
camper. This is a vehicle that only measures a little over ten feet long, but the owner was able
to make it work. Believe it or not, the Camaro is actually longer than this little van at over 15 feet
in length. However, a lot of the Camaro’s length is the engine compartment, so it’s still a
comparably very small vehicle for a camper conversion.

In any case, it shows that just about any type of vehicle can be made into a second home or a
mobile home if you’re determined enough


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