There is a belief in the automotive world that electric powertrains don’t need to be cooled to perform the right way. This belief is completely false and the best way to bring cool air into the engine bay to keep an electric power plant cool and ready to perform is with the use of a grill on the front of the vehicle. Because of this, the team at BMW is going to continue to offer the twin-kidney grille that has been a character feature of this brand since the 1930s.

Some Features Matter for Specific Brands

There are some items that we’ve known for several decades as being a character item that tells us what brand a vehicle belongs to. For the BMW brand, that item is the twin-kidney grille layout that gives all the information from the start. Even if a person customizes their BMW to the point of removing the badges, the grill shape will give it away. This item is going to continue to be part of every model from this brand, even if it’s sleeker and more narrow on sports cars and wider on the SUVs that come from BMW.

Where Did this Grill Come From?

The early days of the automotive industry showed us some vehicles that wanted the grill to bring as much air into the engine as possible. The grill of higher models reflected the shape of the radiator, but BMW wanted to make sure the grill showed off the face of the car. Instead of making the grill in the same shape as the radiator, they split it in the middle to give the BMW models an aesthetically-pleasing look that you can easily admire. This grill first showed up on the roadsters offered in 1936 and it has continued to be a staple of BMW ever since.

An Expanded BMW Range Changes the Grill Slightly

The BMW models are split into three categories which are M, i, and the core models. The M models are the performance versions of the core vehicles and the i models are offered to be the electric versions that you want to take for a drive. While every model won’t wear the same size or exact style of the twin-kidney grille, they will all have it somewhere on the front of the vehicle to offer the comfort of knowing the vehicle comes from BMW.

Functional Recognition from BMW

When new models are offered and old ones continue in the BMW lineup, they will all continue to wear a grill that you recognize. The grill is needed to keep the engine cool and the BMW brand has a strong history of the twin-kidney grille shape for successful performance. You’ll be pleased to enjoy the drive in a BMW model and know it has the signature style and looks on the front to let everyone know that you’ve got one of the most impressive luxury vehicles in the market.

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