Best Marketing Tactics to Target Baby Boomers

Retired and Ready to Upgrade

Baby Boomers are a huge part of the automotive market. They’re also the ones with the most disposable income and are ready to enjoy their retirement with an upgraded vehicle that makes them feel safe and that has room for their grandkids.

Highlight Safety Tech

Safety is very important to Baby Boomers because they’re getting older and distracted driving is a real concern. It’s helpful for Baby Boomer drivers to have a backup camera, a blind spot detector, and a lane departure warning indicator. These safety features are becoming more and more standard for vehicles today and those are the features you want to highlight in your marketing campaigns. Talk about the safety and convenience of these technologies and how they will help them drive more confidently.

Google Ads and Social Media Are Important

With all that free time to spend, Baby Boomers average 11 hours online according to a study by JD Power. Between browsing family and friend updates on social media, they’re also spending more time online shopping. This gives you a chance to market cars and features they’ve looked at through retargeting ads. The ad placements on Facebook and Google will remind them that they should take the next step and schedule or come in for a test drive. Those little reminders will linger in their minds.

Be Sincere

Baby Boomer drivers have the time and patience to read up on the latest cars and have a strong gimmick detector. If you want to market to them better, be sincere. Cut through the fluff and provide them with excellent and honest customer service. After you’ve made the sale, be sure to follow up with your Baby Boomer customer and make them feel appreciated. It’s important to keep up that friendly rapport.

Appeal to Baby Boomer Drivers, Today

Baby Boomer drivers are no strangers to sales tactic and will keep an eye out for sincerity throughout the car buying process. If you want to market to them and make your campaigns count, you’ll want to mention all the safety features the car they want has because safety is of the utmost importance to Baby Boomer drivers. Pretend you’re marketing to your parents, they’d want you to cut to the chase, so be direct and be honest with your Baby Boomer customers.

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