When it comes to keeping your Honda running like new, getting the right kind of service is critical. The question, of course, is whether you should have your vehicle serviced at a Honda dealer or at a local mechanic. A local mechanic may have benefits, but nothing beats having your car serviced at your local Honda dealer with genuine Honda Service.

Specialization Is Key with Honda Service

Your local mechanic may be well-versed in various makes and models. Your local Honda dealer’s service department is well-versed in your exact model. When it comes to auto repair and maintenance, working with a team that is certified means getting the best hands, on the job.

Even something as straightforward as an oil change is better when the right OEM filter is used. Think of it this way: say you needed surgery performed on your shoulder. Sure, your family doctor might be somewhat knowledgeable about this joint, but you’re going to seek out help from an orthopedic surgeon. Specialization is what makes the difference between adequate service and excellent service.

Honda makes sure that all of its certified technicians are up-to-date on new models and technologies. A local mechanic is less likely to have as much training or experience working with hybrid, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles than your certified Honda expert.

Honda Backed Warranty and Parts

If your Honda is under warranty, you absolutely want to have regular maintenance performed at a Honda dealer. Not only will you have Honda experts working on your baby, but warrantable service will come at no charge. Recalls fall into the same category.

Even if your warranty has expired, Honda dealerships back their work with labor and parts warranties. Speaking of parts, your Honda service center will only use the correct parts for your ride. That means you won’t have to worry about off-brand, third-party parts that aren’t meant for your car.

It’s also worth exploring the Honda Care maintenance plan that you can only purchase from an authorized Honda dealer. This service plan can give you the peace of mind that you need to take your Honda those extra miles.

The Ultimate Convenience

On top of the proper parts and specialized service techs, your local Honda dealer works hard to keep your business. Local dealerships depend on customers coming back for all of their automotive needs. That’s why their service departments are equipped with specialized equipment designed especially for Honda automobiles.

To keep their customers coming back, local dealers are likely to pull out all of the stops. That means spacious and luxurious waiting areas, loaner vehicles, and shuttles that you won’t find at any mechanic’s shop. Some dealers even have complimentary snacks, drinks, and TV/movie lounges that make waiting for your vehicle more of a joy than sitting around a dirty shop.

Keep Your Honda Running Longer with Honda Service

Whether you are just getting routine maintenance or you need a major repair, your local Honda dealer can get the job done. You know you’re in good hands with the specialized, highly-trained, and dedicated Honda technicians. A local mechanic may have some benefits, but you don’t want to trust your Honda to anything less than the best. Schedule your next service appointment online at your local Honda dealer today.


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