Is your website successfully bringing the traffic you’re looking for? If you’re measuring your digital marketing efforts you’ll know.

Implementing the various processes that are expected to bring great results can only get you so far.  There are several great ways to receive reports and measure the impact you’re having with your online marketing.

The User Journey

Using metrics that have to do with the journey a potential customer may take through your website is extremely important. Knowing where a user enters your site, what pages they visit, and how long they stay on each page, are important to the success of your site. Your website should positively impact the overall success of your business and this journey is key to that success. Let’s look at some metrics that can help you measure the user path on your site.

New Traffic vs. Returning Traffic

One of the key ways you should be measuring your digital marketing is through the traffic that visits your website. A new userthat’s never been on your site before might not find what they were looking for and leave quickly or they may see the information they want and visit several pages on your website. If many of the new visitors review the same pages or leave at the same point, there may be something that needs to be adjusted on those pages.

Returning users are interesting because these are people who have seen your site before but have come back for more information. What are they coming back for? Do you have the products or services they are looking for? Should you design a campaign to support these returning users and engage with them? These are questions you’ll want to answer as you review your new and returning traffic.

Where are Visitors to Your Site Coming From?

The traffic source is a metric you can use to determine how users are finding and engaging your website. Are they coming to you through specific keywords, various links, from social media pages, or from other websites? This information is key to your success and is one way you want to be measuring your digital marketing efforts.

If you’re expecting more traffic based on keywords that you’re paying for, but more are arriving through organic keyword content, you may want to change where you’re spending your money. Are more of your users finding your site through Facebook than through other social media pages? If so, it could be time to review the content that you have on those other pages.

How Long are Users On Your Website?

The average time spent on your site per visit is an important metric for you to measure. You need to know how long a person will spend on your pages and what content they are looking at. This is something that can be measured and it helps you understand where and why customers are visiting your pages and exiting at specific points.

The goal is to have users complete a sale or engage with your company for services, but if they are leaving the site after spending some time on your pages, you should try to understand why that is.

Measuring Mobile Traffic is Important to Your Digital Marketing

With more search traffic coming through mobile devices than ever before, you want to know when traffic began on a smartphone or tablet versus when on a computer. This willhelp you understand why you should ensure your website is responsive and why mobile-first is an important part of your marketing efforts.

Once you know where the mobile traffic is coming from, you can also measure how long these users are staying on your site when compared to users that are on computers. This information could be key to changing your website to ensure a mobile-friendly experience for all users.

Overall Site Traffic is an Important Metric

You can have the best content, a great website, and active social media accounts, but if no one is visiting your site, it’s not doing you any good. You should be measuring your digital marketing by starting with the amount of traffic going to your site. You should see increases in traffic during advertising campaigns or contests.

You want to see more than simply a click-through report. Ensure the tools you’re using give you a clear view of the traffic visiting your website so that you can employ the right strategy. Your digital marketing efforts can be measured in more than simply profits but should lead to an increase in revenue for your company.

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