Appealing to Your Driving Expectations part 2

Award winning vehicles make for the models we love to drive more than any other. J. D. Power offers us the APEAL Study to let us see more of the winners for the 2018 APEAL award in several categories. Here are the rest of the winners for you to enjoy and admire:

And the Winners Are…

Small SUV –MINI Countryman –This category is loaded with choices to make sure you can have a small SUV that you want to drive, but the Countryman is the one that shows up and takes the top marks. This small but active vehicle is one that has the style and the build quality you want when it’s time to get out on the road or head to the trails.

Compact SUV –Chevrolet Equinox –Competing in another crowded segment of the market, the Chevrolet Equinox stands out above the rest. This SUV shows up with the highest ratings for overall performance and design, performance, and comfort to be the one that will give you the ride you want and the features you need on the road.

Midsize SUV –Chevrolet Traverse –There are nearly twenty vehicles in this category and somehow the Traverse is the one that tops them all. This SUV was able to receive the highest mark in all five categories to beat out a large number of SUVs and be the most APEALing for the drive you want to make every day.

Large SUV –Ford Expedition –When you’re looking for the big brute that will take you on the trails, pull the boat, or carry a large family to the different activities every week, this is the one you’ll want to drive. Check out the award-winning features and qualities that are included in the Expedition that you’ll be ready to take home with you.

Small Premium SUV –BMW X1 –If you want a vehicle that can take you on the roads in an active and athletic manner, this is the one you want. This model takes home the top marks in overall performance and design, performance, and comfort to let you enjoy the true appeal of this amazing vehicle.

Compact Premium SUV –BMW X3 –When you want a bit more than what the smaller BMW can offer, you can stay in the same brand and still have the one that wins the award. This SUV was able to top some of the most popular names in the luxury market. This BMW X3 is one that’s worth taking a look at to see if it can be the one you want to drive.

Midsize Premium SUV –Porsche Cayenne –Here’s an SUV in this category that makes it to the top marks for everything except for comfort. This SUV is active, enjoyable, and aggressive on the road to give you a driving quality you’re going to love when you take it for a spin. Check out the usefulness of this SUV and let it be the one you’ll take home today.

Midsize Pickup –Honda Ridgeline –This truck should surprise you because it’s the only truck in this class that’s built with a unibody construction. It was able to score the highest marks in all five categories and when you’re looking for a midsize pickup that can offer you the quality drive and the performance you need, this is the one that will get the job done.

Large Light Duty Pickup –Ford F-150 –There’s no denying this is the truck that’s sold more than any other over the past several decades and this impressive truck is one that gives you the design and performance you want when it’s time to head out on the road. This truck also offers you several different configurations to make sure you can have the truck you want on the job.

Large Heavy Duty Pickup –GMC Sierra HD –As the dominant model in this class, the Sierra is one that brings you the brute force you need to get things done. If the job is a big one or what you need to tow is large, you’re going to want to put this truck to work for you. This is also one of the most comfortable pickup trucks on the market today.

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