Are you doing something different from your competition? Can you find ways to make your online ads stand out from the crowd?

These two questions should be the start of every ad you publish or campaign you begin. Before you build the ad, you need to think about what you’re doing that’s going to drive customers to your website or store to purchase the goods and services you offer. Thankfully, we have some tips that are sure to help you. You might be doing some of them already, but there should be a couple that stand out for you. (see what we did there)

Headlines Grab Attention

Is your headline powerful enough? Does it contain words that will elicit a certain level of emotions? Are you using buzzwords that should grab the attention of your reader? Before anyone clicks on your blog to read what you’ve got to say, you have to pique their interest with a headline that’s sure to stand out. Using a powerful headline will at least get the attention of potential readers, which is the first step in marketing.

The Target Audience Matters

The more information you can gather on your audience, the better. You can target ads that appeal to specific subsets of your email list, website visitors, and social media audience. This is an important part of making sure your online ads stand out from the crowd. When you target subsets of your audience, you allow those users to feel like you’re talking directly to them with your marketing. This might not sound like a big deal, but the more unique and inclusive you can make the experience for your audience, the better.

Honest, Clear, Communication is Key

It’s not hard to understand that the goal behind every marketing campaign is to make more money. That said, you need to communicate how your shoppers can benefit from the products and services you offer. Make this communication clear and honest to have a chance at closing the deal and completing the sale with your target audience. When you add value to the products and services, you’ve got something that your customers are more interested in.

Don’t Be Afraid of Creativity

Even if the creative idea sounds a bit off or strange, give it a try. You might not go with the strange idea, but something great could come with it. Of course, when you want your ads to stand out from the rest of your competition, a bit of something off the wall could be exactly what makes people choose your company. You can grab customers’ attention and be in their memory where they will associate your oddball ad campaign with your company and the products you sell.

Use Spectacular Images

Whether you’re showcasing a product or presenting a service, the photos and images you use are going to tell a story. If the background of your photo is a mess, that’s what your customers will remember. If you have pixelated images because you didn’t take the time to enhance them properly, that’s what shoppers will think of. A bad image is worse than no image, but you want to have exceptional images in your advertising. Take the time to get this part of the job right.

Celebrate What Makes You Different

Your company has a unique story. You might sell the same products as several other companies, but your business is different in some way. You know what that difference is, and it’s time to celebrate that in your advertising. This is a great way to ensure your ads stand out from the rest. Are you a company that gives people a second chance by employing homeless people and rehabilitated criminals? Do you have a staff of mostly military veterans? Are you a women-oriented company? Do you promote inclusivity? These are all things that you should celebrate in your advertising.

Put Your Words into Videos

More people watch online videos today than ever before. Think about the latest social media platforms; they are almost entirely video and image-oriented. You need a strong video marketing process if you want your ads to show up and impress your audience. Your words need to come from your mouth through the videos. This is a great way to offer your sincerity and bring your audience into your space to enjoy what you have to offer.

Get to the Point

Whether you’re using video advertising, social media marketing, or writing a blog, you need to get to the point. The first couple of sentences is your “hook” to get your customers to stick with you and want to read what you’ve got to say. Tell them what you’re going to tell them, and do it quickly. You can spend the rest of the time explaining what you’ve told them. This is certainly a great way to have your ads stand out from companies that try to bury the lead and make you stay for the long haul.

What Do You Offer That Customers Can’t Refuse?

Why is Amazon popular? Why do many people choose to have an Amazon Prime subscription? Free shipping, easy access to products, and free shipping. Wait, we said free shipping twice; how important is that? Think about how much you hate to pay for shipping and love that you can get your Amazon packages without this added cost. Now make your customers an offer they can’t refuse, just like we can’t refuse the smiling boxes that hit our doorsteps on a near daily basis.

Hit the Pain Points in the Body of Your Ad

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you need to explain to your audience why they need what you’re selling. Most of the time, this comes in the form of solving some problem for them. Do you have clogged gutters? Guess what, we have the solution for that. Do you have very little time to cook? Order your meals packaged with instructions inside. These are ways that companies have solved some of the pain points for customers. If you do this, your ads will stand out and get noticed.

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