What is the plan at Mitsubishi

2015 Mitsubishi Evo

As we have seen in recent years it feels as if Mitsubishi has gotten out of the sedan category altogether.  The disappearance of the Galant and the final version of the Lancer Evo have led us to believe Mitsubishi has started to get out of the sedan segment, but recent information is proving that to be false.   This is exceptional news since Mitsubishi has always offered value of the money and given us several great offerings to enjoy across their lineup.  To reduce their North American lineup to EVs and SUVs would certainly be a shame.

The first sedan we expect to see from the tri-diamond badge is a four-door version of the Mirage which is already being sold in other parts of the world.  The news is not out yet as to what it actually will be called, maybe the G4.  This new Mirage is expected to arrive in January and give us a 2016 model lineup we are sure to enjoy.  The decision to offer the Mirage as a four door came as Mitsubishi saw how successful the Nissan Versa has been in sedan form, with nearly two-thirds of the sales of the Versa coming in the sedan form.

Once we head into the 2017 or even the 2018 model year a new Lancer will show up from Mitsubishi.  The hold up for this sedan is finding the right partner to give the car that added edge it needs to be a great sedan once again.  The information given by Mitsubishi has led us to believe they have a partner, but it may or may not work out and if another doesn’t present itself they will be a year behind plan but offer this new car as a model they build completely on their own, but by the 2018 model year we will see an new Lancer on the market.

In reality this only gives Mitsubishi two sedans and both are on the compact segment leaving room in the midsized segment so why not bring back the Galant.  Apparently there was a partnership perused with Nissan to create a new Galant but the math simply doesn’t work in the favor of Mitsubishi to bring back this long time favorite midsized commuter car that gave us great equipment at a highly reasonable price, but maybe farther down the line we will see the comeback of the Galant.

Many times car companies go through changes and have to nearly reinvent themselves.  For Galant and Evo lovers, don’t despair, much like the Dodge twins (Charger and Challenger) there may be a long pause before the remaking of some of our favorite Mitsubishi models, but they will more than likely be back once Mitsubishi regains its foothold in the sedan market.  As one of the smallest lineups of cars in North America let’s hope this new direction is successful it would be a shame to see Mitsubishi go the way of Suzuki and no longer sell cars in North America.

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