The visual web. It has become a part of our daily lives. Pictures, videos, infographics…

Wait, what’s an infographic?

For the majority of my marketing career, I’ve been involved in infographics in one way or another. I am proud to have launched one of the most prominent infographic companies in the world in 2008 before returning to my roots in automotive digital marketing. Now, there are literally hundreds of agencies that do nothing but infographics and my former company is still at the top of the food chain – way to go, guys!

In the worlds of content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, infographics can play a major role in improving results for companies of all types. Car dealers and their vendors, for the most part, have not taken advantage of them at all. This is a good thing… for you.

As we roll out our own infographic service, we will be posting them on these pages. In the meantime, here’s a starter infographic… about infographics. Enjoy!

Infographic About Infographics

Infographic via Infolicious.

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